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Prospering Times | A Practical Meditative Reflection On Peace

A Practical Meditative Reflection On Peace

A Practical Meditative Reflection On Peace

A Practical Meditative Reflection On Peace

Peace Rules My Daily Thoughts and Actions.

Tonight I intend to meditate on peace. This practice helps me to experience peace and from my experience of peace, I attract thoughts and take actions that produce serene outcomes.

I create images of myself walking in the shoes of others and feeling what they feel and thinking what they think. Doing this helps me to understand their point of view and structure my interactions accordingly. I am better able to create constructive and mutually beneficial relations when I take this approach.

I focus on taking the harmonious route when dealing with all situations. Even when there are disagreements, I am able to remain respectful, allowing peace to prevail.

When someone confronts me with an angry disposition, I remain calm. It is easy to allow their energy to dictate my reaction, but I remain positive and centered in peace. By reminding myself about my mission of peace, I am able to respond constructively.

Life throws curveballs at times that sometimes dampen my spirit. But I avoid remaining in the dumps for too long. In fact, I am learning to enjoy the Game of Life with its curveballs, strikeouts, homeruns and all. I eagerly get back in the game.

It is pointless to dwell on the hurt of situations that I am unable to control. Focusing on the negative aspects of my circumstances affects my peace, so I minimize it. Instead, I accept what is in front of me and make the best of it.

I recognize that I have little control over what happens to me. But I have control over what I choose to think, feel, say, and do. I CHOOSE PEACE!

Today, I live a happy life because I commit to a serene existence.

Self-Reflective Empowering ‘Why’ Questions:

  1. Why do I always successfully handle potentially offensive situations?
  2. Why do I always react peacefully when my peace is threatened?
  3. Why do I always return to calmness after situations upset me?

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