40 Day Abundance Program

Welcome to 40 Days to Expanding Abundance and Prosperity Consciousness

This 40 day process is based on John Randolph Price’s The Abundance Book and Prosperity’s 12 Affirmations. This is an experiment with an overtly spiritual approach to abundance, prosperity and wealth. You should be reading this message because you have registered to participate in our 40 day program.

If you got here by some other means and you have not yet registered, you may register by clicking this link: 40 Day Abundance Program and entering your name and e-mail address.

You will receive an e-mail everyday for the next 40 days with affirmations to read and internalize.  Within the e-mail is a link to the post for the day at http://www.prosperingtimes.com. If you have a strong desire to have a new experience with abundance and prosperity, I encourage you to click the link.  You will be able to share your thoughts feelings and questions regarding your experiences with the abundance program or about the current day’s affirmations.  You consistent engagement and focus is important to making the difference you seek.

When you get the affirmations for day 1, I follow the link to the blog and share your first day experience. In the mean time, proactively create your intention for the next 40 days in the comment area below. Begin with your ‘End in Mind’ as you prepare to expand your prosperity consciousness.

Describe what you see for yourself at the end of the program? Who or how you are being after you fulfill your intention for the program. Simply describe what it is like to  possess an expanded prosperity conscious.  Are you more confident, more grateful, or more relaxed? How are you feeling as you become more positively related to abundance and wealth? Next describe what you are doing. Are you traveling more, are you running your own business, are you exercising everyday, are you waking up more rested and eager to start your day?

What do you have at the end of the 40 day period?

Do have richer, more fulfilling relationships, do you have more time freedom?

Do have more money in the your wallet and in the bank account?

Do you see yourself closer to your dreams?

The more time and energy you dedicate to understanding and incorporating these principles as part of your life, the more amazing your results will be during and after the program. My prayer for you is that after you engage with this program, you will never be same and your life will be amazing.

Begin your journey into greater abundance and prosperity!

Love and Blessings,

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